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Nice weather is a way of life for the Greeks, boasting over 300 days of sunshine a year. April, May and June, September and October are probably the best months to visit weather-wise. This is the best time to visit sites such as Delphi, Olympia, Vergina ...etc as they are less crowded, as with anywhere in Greece at this time. You may get a day or two of rain but nothing which will spoil your holidays.

In July and August things get hotter. You will probably meet a (kafsona) heat wave in most of the Greek cities in the South. Also it's more crowded and rooms are harder to find. Athens and the Northern mainland can be hot in the day but mornings and late afternoons are fine.

Weather in Athens, Greece Weather in Athens, Greece

Cooler weather can be found from November to March but there could also be days when you can sit outside comfortably, without even a coat. Athens is lively during these months with plenty of night life . It does snow in Greece but not more than twice a year in Athens or the islands. It's so rare that  it is a major event. However, it does snow in the mountains, so much that you can ski there.

Keeping up with their tradition is something which the Greeks are especially proud of and visiting Greece at Easter time is an experience. It usually falls in April and being spring everything is in bloom and the smell of lamb roasting fills the air. Easter, and the 15th of August are the biggest holidays in Greece. The days preceding and following these holidays are the worst times to be traveling around Greece but, it is also the best time to be in Athens because the city will be empty.



72 hrs Weather Forecast
with the SKIRON Forecasting System
Forecast for Greece based on UTC NCEP Analysis

Surface Observations over Greece.
The most recently observed weather conditions for Greece are available here.

Average air temperatures in C
  Athens Central Greece Pelopon - nesos North Greece
January 10.2 5.0 7.1 4.5
February 10.6 6.6 8.2 5.6
March 12.3 7.7 9.5 6.4
April 16.0 12.2 14.6 10.2
May 20.6 19.4 20.2 18.4
June 25.1 24.2 24.3 22.2
July 30.9 26.5 26.1 24.8
August 33.8 25.9 26.7 25.9
September 24.2 21.7 23.4 20.4
October 19.5 16.1 20.0 15.6
November 15.5 11.0 16.7 9.8
December 11.0 6.8 6.7 5.2

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Weather in Athens, Greece

Weather in Athens, Greece

Weather in Athens, Greece

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