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Hellenic Gold workshop has existed for a century in the area of manufacturing jewelry and has been proven to create masterpieces. Jewelry that is designed to reflect your own personality. Jewelry that is created to express your very personal style.


 Stamatis '40 years old and Gabriel '45 years old, are two brothers and are occupied in the manufacture of Jewelry. Their art was passed on from their farther who learnt it from his father. The roots of the family Ketsetzoglou are from Constantinople but they have lived in Athens since 1974.  The two brothers are highly trained traditional craftsmen working in the family business established in Constantinople 100 years ago. Stamatis says: The creation of Jewelry has bewitched us, so in 1980 we created our own workshop in Athens, there increasing our production in Greece and abroad. None of our pieces are mass produced, we do not buy wholesale but make each item by hand in our own workshop. Our workshop "Hellenic Gold - Ketsetsoglou" can be found in the heart of Athens, just behind the Old Parliament in Voulis st, 5. Our experience offers a guaranteed quality. For every piece manufactured either standardized or crafted, pure 22c and 18c, gold and choice of the best precious stones are used. Our main concern, always remains, to ideally combine the tradition of classic with the perfection of technology.

The Hellenic Gold workshop is located on Voulis 5 & Kolokotroni street, just behind the Old Parliament which is now the Museum of History, on the south west side of  Constitution square. Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00 am to 7.00 p.m. Saturday: 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. Disabled Visitor Access: The workshop is designed to meet the standards required for people with special needs. Tel: +30-2103216185 - Fax: 2103615006 Mobile 6944863377

Visitors can reach the Hellenic Gold workshop by Taxi, Bus and the Metro. The Constitution - Syntagma- Metro station is just a 1 minute walk away. Consult your Athens map for its location.

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    About Gold.  The gold comes out of the earth in element form. In Greece mainly 14, 18 and 22 carats is manufactured depending on the jewelry we want to produce. The manufacture of Gold starts from 24 carat (pure gold) to the grade we wish. In the grading we use mainly silver and copper, in the case of white gold we use palladium and silver.

  • The earth gives us another element - Platinum. It is an intact element with unique value. Platinum has no relation to white gold. Most people confuse Platinum and White Gold as the same element. Wrong, Platinum has 3 times more value and demands a special procedure and for this it is more valuable than White Gold. Today from the EU, carats are translated to degrees of content  depending on the amount of gold we use in the jewelry. In other words  K-14 is registered with the mark 585 , K-18 is registered  with the mark 750, K-22 is registered  with the mark 916.

    The procedure of making Jewelry: When we have chosen the carat we wish to make the item of Jewelry we proceed as follows. We melt the gold in a cone with propane and oxygen at a temperature of 900 to 1200  to became liquefied.

    Stamatis and Gabriel in their traditional workshop. None of their pieces are mass produced, they do not buy wholesale but make each item by hand in their own work shop. Depending on the jewelry they want to create they put the liquid in a mould.  Next they use a cylinder to make the thickness of the type of Jewelry they wish to create either in the form of a plaque or  wire. Co to Top

Next they work on a bench and give the gold a round or square shape. At this stage they place stones if the customer requires them. Above Gabriel Ketsetzoglou is using the traditional family cylinder, brought over from Constantinople , to give it the form he desires and then he forms holes to place the stones

Next  they polish the items of Jewelry to give a  matt, shiny or forged finish. Below Stamatis Ketsetsoglou is using the machine to polish an item. The Jewelry is ready to be sold.

Their collection is inspired by the art and architecture of prehistoric classical Greece, up to the Byzantine era. Jewelry that is designed to reflect your own personality. Jewelry that is created to express your very personal style. These photos are taken with my own camera and do not reflect the real quality of their items.  Stamatis and Gabriel will be on view for visitors to experience the basic methods and techniques of jewelry making.

 Tel: +30-2103216185 - Fax: 2103615006

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